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HR Geyser

It is to be clubbed with Bulk Milk Coolers (BMC) to provide free of cost hot water which can be utilized for effective CIP of the BMCâs cleaning of other equipments and floor area at milk collection centre.

By HR GEYSER water may be heated around 50 to 60oC by the heat recovered from the milk during its cooling process.

Sizing HR Geysers (Ltrs) : BMC (CAP.-KLPD)
  • 100 : 1
  • 200 : 2
  • 400 : 3 & 5

  • Reduced Costs
    • No additional cost is involved as it uses heat normally wasted by the refrigeration circuit.
    • Extends the working life span of the compressor and reduces running cost
  • Maintenance Free
    • Corrosion resistant duplex steel
    • Effective even in hard water areas
    • Very strong yet light and therefore, easy to install
    • No Sacrificial anode
    • No moving parts
  • Highly Efficient
    • Built in heat exchanger
    • 50mm thick hot insulation for excellence heat retention
    • Handles up to 6 bar operating pressure